Destination Cincinnati Project
email: destinationcincinnati1@gmail.com
Phone: (513) 601-9747
Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib
Rov-Cong. Zichron Eliezer/Vaad Hoeir of Cincinnati
email: rabbi@czecincinnati.org
cell: (513) 532-3800
Rabbi Dovid Spetner
Rosh Kollel - Cincinnati Community Kollel
email: rabbispetner@gmail.com
cell: (513) 378-9338
Rabbi Ezra Goldschmiedt
Rav - Cong. Shaarei Torah
email: rabbi@shaareitorahcincy.org
cell: (347) 443-8613
Rabbi Stuart Lavenda
Rav - Golf Manor Synagogue
email: stulavenda@gmail.com
cell: (513) 305-4970
Rabbi Yisroel Kaufman
Assistant Rav-Cong. Zichron Eliezer
Director-Destination Cincinnati
email: rabbikaufman@czecincinnati.org
cell: (513) 630-7000
Rabbi Yitzchok Goldstein
Principal - Cincinnati Hebrew Day School
email: ygoldstein@chdsonline.org
cell: (303) 323-5002
Mrs. Penina Teitelbaum
Principal - Atara Girls High School
email: principal@ataragirlshs.com
cell: (347) 306-6389


Within Driving Distance! We are a shorter drive to Lakewood or Baltimore than many other Midwest cities, so you're not too far to visit for Shabbos, Yom Tov, or a simcha!

Try out our community for Shabbos - we guarantee you are going to love it! Contact us for more information, via email at destinationcincinnati1@gmail.com or cell phone at (513) 601-9747.