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From flight to flight


Our Shabbos package is tailor-made to suit your needs, and you're guaranteed an enjoyable and enlightening weekend. 

We will arrange and ensure that every detail of the trip is covered. As sleeping arrangements, food, transportation, and entertainment are all taken care of, you can relax and enjoy your memorable weekend with us!

The Grand Tour

Shuls, schools, and everything in between


Take advantage of the opportunity to sit down for a private chat with the Rav, the principal, or head of any other institution in town. See the beauty of our new Shul buildings, our gorgeous Mikvah, or any place else, on a guided and informative tour!

A Shabbos to Remember

Friendly Midwest and Shabbos Kodesh merge


After being well fed by our local families, and well slept in your friendly host's home, we're sure you'll come away happy, and impressed. So join us for Shabbos, and see for yourself why the Orthodox community in Cincinnati is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States!


Simply send an email to, or call (513) 601-9747 today!



"It's amazing to live in a place that combines great quality of life and family time, with a warm communal atmosphere of many solid Bnei Torah."


Around Cincinnati

Kosher Food

Kinneret Grill

4068 E Galbraith Rd

Tel: (513) 827-6154

Amma's Kitchen

7633 Reading Road

Tel: (513) 821-2021



Marx Hot Bagels

9701 Kenwood Road

Tel: (513) 891-5542

Chalav Yisroel


Kinneret Cafe

8316 Plainfield Road

Tel: (513) 791-1777


Chalav Yisroel


J-Cafe @ the JCC

8485 Ridge Road

Tel: 513-761-7500 



Silverton Donut Shop

7414 Montgomery Road

Tel: (513) 793-0567


Graeter's Ice Cream

7369 Kenwood Rd 

Tel: (513) 793-5665


Totter's Otterville @ Johnny’s Toys
Giant toy store and play land
4314 Boron Dr. (Just across the river)
Tel: 859-491-1441



Duke Energy Children's Museum

1301 Western Avenue

Tel:  (800) 733-2077



And much, much more! For more info, click here!

For more detailed information regarding the Cincinnati Jewish community, check out the Cincinnati Shuls website!

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