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Tired of being weighed down by the exorbitant cost of yeshiva tuition?


Save thousands of dollars every year by choosing Cincinnati!


State vouchers are non-income based, and provide you with $4,650 0r $5,900 per child, every single year of their education!

Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

With enrollment now at over 270 students, Cincinnati Hebrew Day School has seen the benefits of the community's ongoing growth. CHDS provides a warm and nurturing Torah environment with a rigorous academic program both in General Studies and Judaic Studies. CHDS inspires students to grow spiritually, become life-long learners, and develop their character and Middos.


Principal: R' Yitzchok Goldstein

Address: 2222 Losantiville Ave.


Atara Girls High School

Atara Girls High School offers a rigorous academic and spiritual experience where girls thrive in a collaborative, interactive and intellectually challenging environment. Atara is committed to superior academic achievement and spiritual growth within the context of ensuring the complete overall development of each student. Atara is distinguished by our dedication to cultivating a passion for learning, independent thinking, personal integrity and a steadfast commitment to serve the greater Jewish community.


Principal: Mrs. Penina Teitelbaum

Address: 6701 Elbrook Ave.


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