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Cincinnati Community Kollel

A Jewish Learning Environment


Since 1995, the Kollel has dedicated
itself to providing Jewish learning
opportunities to every part of Cincinnati’s
Jewish community. We offer beginner-level
courses in Judaism and Jewish philosophy, as
well as more advanced classes.

Although we come to venues as diverse as synagogues, office buildings, college campuses, and social halls, most of our activities take place in our main building (pictured above). There we have established a beis midrash (literally, a “house of study”), where our staff and other members of the community drink from the fountain of Torah knowledge. We like to think of them as cups being filled with wine. As the cups fill and overflow, the sweetness of Torah pours out and spreads into the community around them.


Local Shuls


In today's world, one's shul serves as so much more than just a place to daven. It is the center of spiritual life for many, and as such has taken on an expanded role of Torah learning as well. Our shuls all offer a smorgasbord of learning options and shiurim, from daily Daf Yomi or Mishna Berura to weekly business Halacha or a specific mesechta, our batei knesses provide for the nourishment of the souls of their constituency, through davening, learning, and chessed opportunities, all in one place.

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