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Congregation Zichron Eliezer

Home to over 120 families, "CZE" is a vibrant and warm shul which provides its members with an evironment that enables spiritual growth and builds bonds of friendship through Torah and Mitzvos. In a beautiful building that was only recently erected, it's an amazing place to go for one's conection to Hashem!


Rabbi: R' Avrohom Weinrib

Assistant Rabbi: R' Yisroel Kaufman

Address: 2455A Section Rd.


Congregation Shaarei Torah

Also known as "The Village Shul," Shaarei Torah has become a flourishing home for mainstream Modern Orthodox Jews in Cincinnati. With over 50 families and now housed in a beautiful new campus, the shul provides the perfect source of religious stability and vibrancy for the whole community.


Rabbi: R' Ezra Goldschmiedt

Address: 2400 Section Rd.


Golf Manor Synagogue

Founded in 1902, Golf Manor Synagogue is one of the oldest congregations around. Its mission is to create a welcoming and warm environs for all members of the Jewish community, young and old, men and women, observant and non-observant, through the beauty of Torah living, as exhibited through our services, classes, youth programming, and social events.


Rabbi: R' Stuart Lavenda

Address: 6442 Stover Ave


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